Protect Your App and Users with App Shielding

Mobile applications are currently an integral aspect of our normal routines. From social networking, banking, to grocery shopping, we all use apps. On the other hand, the more information that apps hold about us and the more critical work they do, the more their vulnerability towards cyber-attackers and other criminals. By Comparator At this point, we need to use app-shielding. However, App shielding employs a range of approaches to ensure that apps are safe against weak points, malwares, and unwarranted access. Protect your app to offer users comfort that their information is safe and the experience worthwhile. The importance of app shielding cannot be overlooked in five top reasons for every mobile app developer and a business.

  • Block anti-tampering, disassembly techniques

If an app is not properly shielded from hackers, they can extract its code and disrupt performance. Such information could be used in exploitation of vulnerabilities that can lead to data exfiltration, injection of malware applications or modification of the application behaviors that can allow them to commit financial frauds. App shielding significantly increases the difficulty of decompiling, debugging, and modifying an APK’S executables for bad actors. That ensures that you protects your intellectual property and the privacy of your users.

  • Restricting unauthorized access to app resources

Some mobile apps must have permission to utilize device features such as contact, cameras, location data and others. Nevertheless, when you have vulnerabilities in your application, it can lead the hacker into the backdoor of the system and utilize some restricted sources for bad purpose. This type of technology provides access control for application security resources, and will only give permission to authorized parts of the application. This prevents any third-party malicious code intended to get into your app and use its privileges against your device resources.

  • Deter Reverse Engineering and Piracy Attacks

Reverse engineering of applications also occurs, which involves some hackers stealing proprietary code or trade secret algorithms for unauthorized re-distribution or commercial purposes. Similarly, some attempt to bypass digital rights management measures and copy-proofing mechanisms so as to promote piracy. App shielding involves many measures that make your app’s code and binaries very difficult to decompile, reverse-engineer, modify or crack without relevant keys. This inhibits a lot of piracy and theft of intellectual property.

  • Defend Against Malware Injection Attacks

Similarly, even mobile devices can be infected with malware like in desktop computers. Vulnerabilities in legitimate apps can be exploited by hackers, leading to malicious code being injected and infected users’ devices without their noticing it. App shielding uses RASP (runtime application self protection) feature to check for activity of unauthorized code through monitoring of an app behaviour. Malware injection will still be prevented through this despite such a discovery of future vulnerabilities.

  • Improve User’s Assurance through Enhancement in Security

In addition, every business must guarantee its users’ security and privacy as a top priority. App shielding is a clear sign that you take measures to safeguard users against online dangers. It promotes confidence in users that their data and experience remains protected within your app, which enhances their trust for it. They prefer transparent apps that also actively protect users from current cyber threats.


In today’s environment of rapidly changing mobile threats, exposing your app to such a risk is simply unacceptable. App shielding will give you strong defenses so that your application’s security is future proofed against newly discovered vulnerabilities. It is good investing to safeguard your app, thereby keeping users safe in today’s unpredictable mischievous mobile threat environment. The additional cost of implementing enhanced security and increased user trust far exceeds their benefits.

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