Three Ways to Prevent Burglary

Congratulations! You just moved into your new house. Moving into one’s house is nothing less than a big milestone achieved. However, you should know that homeownership is all about responsibility. As a homeowner, you are responsible for protecting your property and your loved ones from potential burglaries.

Here is how you will want to do this:

Change the Locks

The first thing that you want to do from the moment you sign the papers and prepare to move into your new house is to change the locks. You will want to change the locks of the front door and the main door. The reason for this crucial preventive measure is that you haven’t built this house from scratch but bought it from the previous homeowner, which means that you don’t know who might have the keys to the house.

The last thing you would want to deal with is getting home one day to find the door wide open and an estranged spouse of the previous homeowner sitting in your living room. Or, it could be a previous nanny passing by to say hello to the kids – even worse –it could be anyone who happens to have the keys and can access your house without your permission.

So, changing the locks is absolutely mandatory if you want to prevent break-ins and keep your property and your loved ones safe from potential intruders.

Get Your Backyard in Order

If you look at things from the burglar’s viewpoint, you will understand that potential burglars want to enter your house quickly, without being seen by anyone. And, burglars prefer entering an empty house, where they can quickly get the deed done and leave without being seen.

So, you will want to make your house look as if it is inhibited all the time. Even if you are not there due to a busy schedule and you are living alone, you will want to make your house look inhabited. One of the dead giveaways that you aren’t at home is an unattended garden or backyard.

So, you will want to keep your backyard in the best condition all the time. You might want to opt for tree trimming if you find that one of the trees reaches the roof or window, which can potentially enable a thief to enter your house through the attic or the window. 

If you spend most of your day outside, you can hire someone to look after your property and ensure that it looks inhibited all the time. This way, you will discourage potential burglars from entering your house. 

Hide Your Valuables

As a homeowner, you must refrain from displaying your valuables, which includes parking the car inside the garage and locking the garage door. You should also keep your windows covered, especially during the night, by drawing the curtains close.

During the day, you can make effective use of blinds, which will allow you to maintain privacy while controlling the amount of sunlight that you might want to have indoors. 

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