What is Pokedexus?

Pokedex is an app designed to store, organize and manage your Pokemon collection. It includes useful features like team building tools and a move researcher. There’s both a free version with ads and a paid version which removes them.

It boasts an expansive database of Pokemon and numerous regional variations, as well as a team builder, move analyzer, and more! Its team builder can be especially beneficial to those players looking to assemble an effective team from scratch.

If you’re new to the Pokemon series, it may seem a bit daunting to navigate your way through all of its information. But once familiarity sets in, you’ll appreciate all that this app has to offer.

This app boasts an expansive Pokedex, boasting over 850 Pokemon in its database and more being added daily. You can use this app to discover each Pokemon’s hidden abilities as well as view its glittery counterparts!

This app is accessible for both Android and iPhone, featuring a team builder, map of the world, and more.

One of the greatest features of this app is that its database extends back to the first generation Pokemon! You’ll even find regional variations for some older Pokemon!

One great feature of this app is its search bar for quickly finding exactly the Poke you’re searching for. This makes it super simple to locate and select the ideal Pokemon!

You can filter Pokemon by generation, type, attack, height and more for quick identification of the one you need! With this straightforward system you won’t have to endure a lengthy search process to find exactly what you’re searching for!

It also features a useful move dex feature that provides an extensive list of all the moves each Pokemon possesses. Not only that, but it tells you what each move is called, its source and how to learn it!

Pokemon trainers understand the value of having an app to assist with managing their Pokedex. Although there are many great options available, finding one that meets all your requirements can be challenging.

DataDex is the most popular Pokedex app for Android, free to download and featuring a range of useful features. It’s up-to-date with the newest Pokemon game release – Pokemon Legends: Arceus – with its robust filtering system which helps manage your collection. Furthermore, dataDex boasts dream team builders, move researchers, and shiny hunting tools so that you get the most from your Pokemon collection.

Another Pokedex app worth checking out is the Pokemon Encyclopedia. This app includes all generations of Pokemon, including some of their rarest and unique forms. Plus, it gives a detailed description for every Pokemon in the app as well as info on berries, items, habitats and more!

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